Velcon Filter Housing (VF-31E)

Price: $409.95
4.81 LBS


The VF-31E is a versatile filter housing designed for use with several different high performance Aquacon filter cartridges. Cartridges are offered for the optimum filtration of aviation fuel (see caution on reverse side), gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, compressed air, and other gasses. Refer to the Cartridge Selection Table on the reverse side of this sheet for details.

Aquacon filters eliminate water contamination problems by removing water from fuels, oils, and gasses. Filtered water is chemically locked into the cartridge’s inner super-absorbent media.

As a cartridge reaches its water holding limit, the media expands very rapidly and restricts the flow of unfiltered material. This causes an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to replace the cartridge. When filtering fuels or compressed air, a saturated Aquacon cartridge will completely block the flow until it is replaced.

Aquacon Cartridges are also excellent dirt filters. Silt, rust, and other particulates are removed by the cartridge’s outer filter media. One-half, five, and 25 micron rated cartridges are available for use with fuels and oils. The ACA-210 cartridge, for use with compressed air and other gasses, has a 1 micron rating.


Fuels: Kerosene, Diesel, Biodiesel, Gasoline

Oils: Insulating, Hydraulic, Lubricating

Compressed Air and Other Gasses