Dura-ABS Auto-Batch Direct Injection System, 2" Plumbing

Price: $2,864.00
107.00 LBS


The Dura Auto-Batch System DI (Automated Direct Injection) works by direct injecting herbicides into the carrier flow while filling the sprayer.

  • Lowest cost automated sprayer filling system
  • Filling your sprayer has never been easier or faster
  • Provides recirculation, maximizing chemical performance
  • Accurately dispenses repeatable batches
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Directly inject chemicals into discharge. •
  • Keeps chemicals out of loading pump.
  • Reduces chemical exposure and operator error.
  • Set the desired amount into the meter, pump turns on, pumps the chemical into the discharge, and shuts off at end of batch.
  • Each stand will hold 1-4 pump and meter units.
  • Scalable: start with one pump now, add more as needed.
  • Modular system: only buy what you need.
  • Up to 15GPM.
  • Viton seals.
  • 12VDC or 115VAC.
  • Ships unassembled. Assembly available for $100 per pump.

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