Bin Stand for Snyder Tote

Price: $1,867.95
205.00 LBS


Designed to fit on a 330 gallon Snyder tote, the Bin Stand-SNY allows you to put a variety of IBCs on top. The base of the stand is designed to fit the curves and contours of the lower tote, ensuring the stand remains in place. The Bin Stand-SNY is available in two configurations: stand only, and stand with mixing/agitation unit. The mixing unit utilizes a bracket that centers a 1HP 1PH 115/230VAC mixing motor over the center of the lid. The mixing prop shaft is stainless steel, 3/4” diameter and 48” long. The prop folds closed when the unit is off, and opens when the unit is powered on. The prop diameter when open is 9”, and turns at 350RPM. The motor comes with a 115VAC 12-2 cord with standard NEMA 5-15 connector (standard plug typical of most 15 or 20A outlets). Also included is a mixing lid to help keep contaminants out of lower tote while still allowing mixing prop to function.